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Edgar Allan Poe
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Writing Style
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 Edgar Allan Poe was heavily influenced by the misfortunes in his life so that morbid stories were the root of his writings. Many of his critics identified Poe with the characters in his pieces-- deranged and peculiar. His stories deal with dark things such as death, guilt, revenge, and gloomy morbid topics. Poe makes use of irony as well as foreshadowing, as in the case of "The Tell Tale Heart". Poe's imagery is haunting, deriving there gloomy purpose and setting the right mood. Additionally, Poe makes use of repetition to add to  the overall ghastly and haunting effect to create an image of the situation in the reader's mind; for example, "I moved it slowly-- very slowly, so that I may not disturb the old man's sleep," or "Quoth the raven nevermore."

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